Managing zip files with PHP composer

úno 06 2024

We have recently moved all Wordpress-based development in Triton IT to Bedrock by One of the perks of this system is the ability to manage all external code with PHP composer. What is the only caveat?

Time to move to NFTables

pro 03 2019
The time has come for us in WebMedea to move away from the iptables firewall. While the software remains actively maintained by Netfilter, I've set my eyes upon the more recently developed nftables as it seems easier to administer and maintain rules. Nftables unifies all the separate utilities of arptables, ebtables, iptables and ip6tables into a single one. It has slightly different rule writing…

APT: The method 'ssh' is unsupported and disabled by default.

srp 23 2019
Recent Debian (and Devuan) releases have disabled ssh and rsh protocols as possible transfer method of packages. The solution to permit them again is to re-enable them in apt configuration file.Create your own config file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/30-ssh-transport and paste the following:Dir::Bin::Methods::rsh "rsh";Dir::Bin::Methods::ssh "ssh";Package transport over both protocols should be re-enabled…

Certbot fails renewal with http-01 challenge on NGINX: Connection refused

dub 14 2019
The problemThis has been bothering me for more than half of a year. You might be unable to automatically renew certificates if the following conditions are true:You're using the python-certbot-nginx plugin to install certificates and handle their renewal on your webserver.You're using different location for acme-challenge than the actual folder inside installation root - this is most likely if…