Managing zip files with PHP composer

úno 06 2024

We have recently moved all Wordpress-based development in Triton IT to Bedrock by One of the perks of this system is the ability to manage all external code with PHP composer. What is the only caveat?

Google Data Studio and GA4 - Recreating the Month of Year dimension properly

kvě 13 2022

2023-09-08 UPDATE: It is no longer necessary to create custom Month of Year dimension. The new version of Google Data Studio (renamed to Looker Studio) now contains dimension called Year month. Additionally, my function is broken due to internal changes of Year dimension data formatting.

Updated formula that works - Credit to Manuel Garcia:

PARSE_DATE('%Y-%m', CONCAT(SUBSTR(Year, 1, 4), '-', IF(Month < 10, CONCAT('0', Month), CAST(Month AS TEXT ) ) ) )

It is not TODATE(Date, '%Y-%m').